Bobi measures Karamoja insecurity


Bobi measures Karamoja insecurity

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ _  Bobi measures Karamoja insecurity _

Photos from the Karamoja basement are very disappointing. Too many Ugandans are dying of cold blood. Efforts to stem the tide of bad dreams have been in vain. The people of Karamoja have been asking critical questions and getting a few answers from the authorities.

Many times, Karamoja people have blamed security forces for shooting unarmed civilians. There has been no concerted effort to investigate the allegations. In strong words, we condemn this massacre and demand an end to this senseless genocide.

Let us all stand in solidarity with these brothers and sisters. I urge the media to shed light on what is happening in Karamoja. They need to feel that the whole of Uganda stands with them and that we all understand their pain and suffering. #EndKaramojaMassacres

>>> Bobi Wine, NUP Chief

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