Bulesa Residents Threaten to Lynch Chinese Investors Over Land

Bulesa Residents Threaten to Lynch Chinese Investors Over Land

Residents of Bulesa village in  Bugiri district are living in fear and are suspected of Chinese investors plotting to expropriate their land.

This follows reports of unknown individuals traveling with Chinese origin, exploring the land in the area but without the owners' permission.

According to Steven Mugeni, chairman of the LC3 Bulesa region, he has received numerous calls from residents of Bulesa village complaining about anonymous people traveling with Chinese investors exploring people's land without permission.

"They (the Chinese) moved while taking photographs of the land, drawing maps and creating roads that put the lives of the local people in fear that their land belonged to them," Mugeni said.

He said following fears and threats like these, he intended to report the matter to Bugiri RDC for intervention.

He said he had instructed LC1 chairperson Bulesa Babi to organize a district meeting where local people could voice their concerns.

“I know that our people in Bulesa are complaining and if we remain silent it could create insecurity so we will include senior officials. The land in Uganda belongs to the people, ”added Mugeni.

Some bitter residents who have not been identified here for their safety have told The Second Opinion that there are three people planning a land grab in partnership with Chinese investors through the Bulesa program.

They named Bagaga Ndimuto, Richard Ndimuto and Tekobera Ndimuto and one Sooka, all grandchildren of the late Ndimuto Muhamed.

Sources indicate that while his father Kibira Ndimuto was still alive and well, the sons asked for their share long ago and sold it.

Later they returned and tried to retake the sale of the land but were dragged to court in Iganga where they lost the case.

However, in a shocking turn of events last month, the trio appeared, traveling in a land cruiser V8 with unknown Chinese investors and began exploring human land without the owners' permission.

Information obtained by the media reveals that the three used one Mangeni resident of Nakabale village who works as a police informant to intimidate residents.

Mangeni is the son of his sister.

Residents also told us that initially, the chairman of LC1 in his hometown Babi did not want to go to China but after several visits to his home including visiting the Chinese at night where he lived in his house, he changed his mind and has now met them by name. to bring development to his place.

When Second Vision touches the area of ​​LC1 chairman Babi, he confirmed that it is true that the Chinese have visited his home many times in search of a place to make progress.

He said most people were willing to give up their land and some opposed it.

He said he planned to convene a district convention to resolve the issue.

Speaking to the Honorable. Silwany Solomon, a Bukoli MP (MP), said he did not know of any Chinese investors seeking land in Bulesa, other than the dam project near the swamp between Bugweri and Busowa sponsored by the Islamic Development Bank. .

"I do not know such Chinese in Bulesa, and if they are, it means they are illegal in the area because the investor's affairs are passed on by the regional authorities and all relevant stakeholders and not just in the unknown," said Silwany.

He said he would discuss the matter with district officials.

One of the Busoga East RPC students Asimwe said he did not know but would contact Bugiri DPC to intervene and report before the matter came to light.

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