Dr. Kizza Besigye on NBS TV morning Breeze. 1/Nov/2021.

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Good morning to our audience. I hope you had a good end of October, and I wish you the best this month. - Kizza Besigye 

The country has to wait for Mr. Museveni to capriciously declare the reopening. There must be a plan based on the realities we have. 

Before #COVID19 came to Uganda, we pointed out that the problem is the absence of plan. You must move according to plan. 

This is not just a gamble. It is a disaster if public matters are handled like this at such a time - Kizza Besigye 

Even up to now, we have our schools closed because we never had a plan. You saw the confusion in opening schools. 

Uganda doesn't have leadership, and it is a disaster for our country. 

#COVID19 should have been a wake-up call for anybody who cares. It became clear to me that we don't have any money in our reserves. We had to run and borrow to deal with the crisis. We didn't have a single bag of food. 

We had to borrow money and run around for suppliers to make arrangements. We are the country that doesn't have emergency systems, whether it is ambulances or fire - Besigye

Some people say we are always criticizing government. Tell me whether what we are saying is true or not.

What is the plan for the recovery of livelihoods? People work with very little capital. How does the person who ate their capital get back business life? - Kizza Besigye 

I think anybody who lives in this country knows that Mr. Museveni is unadvisable. He doesn't know some of his advisors. 

The cabinet should be part of the structural body of advisors. You can ask them, does he work on the advice of anybody? - Kizza Besigye 

There are annual budgets, but you go and follow up if any of them are followed. We borrow in the first month of passing the budget. 

#COVID19 money was borrowed to manage the crisis we have. Have we solved that? Today if you got an accident, if you are lucky, the police pickup will be your ambulance. - Kizza Besigye

We have doubled the number of councilors. They earn more than doctors. We don't have doctors. When doctors go on strike, I can't blame them. Even if they don't strike, they have people dying. By keeping quiet, they are being complacent. - Kizza Besigye 

We have just gotten vaccines we bought this October. If we didn't have people who pitied us, we would just be vaccinating our first person. We had planned targets. What were we going to vaccinate them with? - Kizza Besigye

I am very sure they don't want to give people their NSSF money because they They are hiking taxes. Is that the plan for Uganda to recover economically? 

This is ordinary common sense. If you are coming out of a disaster, you give relief. Once people have regained their immediate survival, then you plan how they emerge out of the crisis. 

The first step is to help them access funds. Someone is emerging out of a crisis, and your first step is doubling taxes. - Kizza Besigye 

I don't find it strange that we have managed #COVID19. We live by the Grace of God. I think God has been gracious to Africa. The fact that we are a young continent, #COVID19 affects the elderly. We survived by default.Because of living in adverse conditions, we have the capacity to fight back. - Besigye 

Other countries are planning. We have no plan. The only plan we have is to steal our money. Trillions of money were taken to State House from the #COVID19 money for classified expenditure, and the public kept quiet.  

Social security is going down as we build repressive security.

Mr. Museveni is investing in building a wall around himself, not the public. That is why you see. Even RDCs have an army officer protecting them, MPs have security. - Kizza Besigye

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