Bobi Wine Blocked Again

Bobi Wine Blocked Again

This morning we were supposed to appear on Wa Radio in Lira and then proceed to address the NUP Lango Sub-regional mobilisation teams. The program was cancelled on the orders of the RDC and DPC. The proprietors of the station were instructed not to host us!

We decided to proceed and engage with the station manager, but the police and military blocked us amidst heavy teargas and bullets. The great people of Lira turned out in large numbers to receive us and show strong disapproval of the regime's continous witch-hunt. Afwoyo matek!

Regarding our meeting with the mobilisation teams, our coordinators submitted the letter of notification to the DPC but the DPC sent them to the RPC who sent them to the IGP! You can imagine the level of fear the illegal regime has for the PEOPLE. - _NUP President, Bobi Wine

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