66 Lives lost in Road Accidents Last Week

Faridah Nampiima - Spokesperson.

Faridah Nampiima - Spokesperson Police Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety: A total of 363 accidents were registered from 31st Oct 2021 to 06th Nov 2021 of these 066 people died and 249 people were injured in the whole country.

The Directorate of Traffic and Road safety warns drivers who have stubbornly Continued to abuse the traffic laws by driving beyond the prescribed speed, reckless riding of motor cycles, drunken driving, vehicle defects etc in Kampala areas and major highways.

Kmp Traffic conducted operations last week on motor cyclists who have fixed their registration 1,394 motor cycles were impounded of which 624 were issued with EPS tickets, 289 were plates not in a prescribed manner or are obscured.

During this operation a total number a total number of 1,394 motorcycles were impounded of which 624 were issued with EPS, 289 warned, 186 taken to court and charged. 
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